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Lot design

Whether it’s a parking lot, highway, or even a basketball court, M. Mayo Striping can provide all lining and striping needs to turn your work site lot into the finished project you want it to

look like.


We can add or remove lines on any surface. With extensive experience in lining and striping materials, we can also help you remove the striping material from any work site and redo it for you. This will not only make your lot look exactly the way you’ve wanted it to, but it will also save you time and money that would have otherwise been spent on repaving.

Could Your Worksite Use Permanent Striping To Guide Those Who Use It?

  • Road striping

  • Warehouse striping

  • Thermoplastics

  • Line removal

  • Parking lot design

All Striping And Marking Services Available:

Licensed and insured for

your protection.


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Could your work site use permanent striping to guide those who use it?

For all pavement and line painting needs, M. Mayo Striping is the one-stop shor to design and install all materials for your work or road site. From striping, to parking lot design, to even guard rail installation, our services will make your work site look exactly the way you want, and will keep cars that drive on it as safe as possible.

  • Restriping of previous lines

  • Custome stenciling or parking lots

  • Bumper blocks installed

  • Bollards - all sizes installed

  • PennDot approved street signs installed