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M. Mayo Striping was established in the year after my grandfather Tony Gadomski finished working part time for an area striping company that had closed. He and my great-grandfather Forrest Mayo formed the company. The partnership between my grandfather and great-grandfather was a special one. My great-grandfather Forrest did the set-up work for the jobs and my grandfather Tony did the striping of the parking lots, laying out 200 to 400 gallons of paint in a season. As the business grew, such jobs as Rocky Glen Amusement Park, Boscov's Department Store and Francis Slocum State Park were done.


In 1972, my great-grandfather died and my grandfather was the sole owner. My grandfather taught my father Ben Gadomski, and his brother David Gadomski, the working of parking lot layout and striping. In 1990, my grandfather could no longer work due to health problems.


In 1994, my grandfather Tony Gadomski passed away, leaving the company to sit idle.


In 1996, my father Ben Gadomski, my mother Sharon Gadomski, and my grandfather Carl Frederick started the company back up. My uncle David Gadomski came back the first year to help my father get the business back up off the ground.


As the company grew, we started working for PennDOT and started working all the areas of pavement markings, not only parking lot striping but also flagpole installations, guide rail protective steel pipe bollards. Also, landing larger supermarket chains and drug store chains.


David Gadomski died unexpectedly on December 25, 2008. In January of 2009, my parents decided to bring me in the company full time after graduating college in the year 2012, to take over the responsibilities of my uncle.


When I came into the company, the first thing I did was upgrade our computer system and wide format printing to our system, so our customers have the convenience of sending us prints directly.


Another big accomplishment, along with everything we have upgraded was doing more work for PennDOT. We now have a long line truck that holds 350 gal. of paint which is 175 gal. for each color and it also holds about 650 pounds of glass beads. We paint roadways for townships and boroughs along with highway striping. We are PennDOT pre-qualified!


One of the biggest dreams of my grandfather was to branch out a sealing division in this company to sealcoat our lots for the customers, then come in and paint right behind the sealing. This branch took place in 2013, and it is our biggest challenge to date. We are now doing our best to follow this dream and follow through with M. Mayo Sealing along with M. Mayo Striping.


- Jenn Gadmski

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